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The Carat Club, in our current iteration as a casual lifestyle jeweler, is a 60 year evolution of a family business with deep roots in the diamonds and gems supply world.  We had transitioned from being a leading diamond wholesaler to an award-winning retail brand with multiple stores spanning Malaysia, Singapore & Shanghai.   And now in 2022, to complement our own desired way of life and changing customer needs, we have decided on a largely online presence for simple daily wear jewels, and a by appointment personal curating service for important stones.

Gone are all the frills of expensive premises and the bells and whistles of slick luxury marketing.  Instead, we prefer to keep things simple and real, so that we can always present real value without the padding of frilly overheads. 

Indeed what delights us most is seeing that gleeful smile when you receive our delectable baubles, knowing that it marks the beginning of a lasting friendship.  We prefer the non-sales pressured atmosphere of sharing our passion for gems over coffee or wine, exploring your desires and helping you on this wonderful journey of jewelry ownership. 

All said, what remains unchanged however, is our passion for the Truly Beautiful, our Uncompromising Quality Standards and our Absolute Integrity, all attributes necessary to fulfil our brand promise of “never going wrong when you put your trust in us”.

Welcome to The Carat Club 2.0!

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