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a. Advised to remove jewellery before shower and before any application of cream, lotions, perfume, products that contains chemical, grease and oil.
b. Do Not wear jewellery during heavy workouts, swimming, or lifting weights.
c. Try not to wear jewellery to sleep
d. Necklaces should be clasped to avoid tangling. 
e. Pearls and gemstones should be stored in a cool place and for more care and cleaning instructions please refer to CARE and CLEAN section

Please use a soft toothbrush and mild dishwashing liquid to genty soak and scrub gold and diamonds. No toothpaste.
For pearls, do not use chemicals or solvents but just use a dry cloth to carefully wipe. 
For gemstones, please use a damp cloth to wipe. The gold parts with diamonds can be cleaned using dishwashing method.

GENERAL Questions

Where do we source our diamonds and are they conflict-free?
All our diamond suppliers comply with the Kimberley Process and conflict-free. 

What if the order size is wrong?
We strongly recommend you know your size before ordering as all sales are final. 
Kindly contact me for size related questions, tips and suggestions.

Can i change my order once its been placed?
All sales are final and cannot be changed or cancelled. If shipping address has been keyed in wrongly, please email immediately. 

Are your diamonds certified?

Yes, at The Carat Club, we only carry diamonds which are GIA or IGI certified. Please note diamonds below 0.3ct do not come with GIA or IGI certification but we can help to send the finished jewellery piece for certification upon client request. 

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