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Curate – for gems above USD150,000


Like fine art, not all similar looking gems are worth collecting or represent the same value.  Expert guidance is required to avoid costly mistakes in this complex space. Many savvy collectors have resorted to auction houses and the open bidding mechanism to determine the “right” price.  This method, however, comes at a substantial cost to the consumer when buyer’s premiums of 26%+VAT are added to the hammer price.  

We believe that our Curate service offers an alternative channel that provides Real value for our customers.  Our process starts with a consultation to determine a mutually agreed brief.  We then leverage our expertise in the supply chain, filtering out the undesirables and finally presenting a curated selection that represents the best value stones in the market.

From this selection, we share with you the pros and cons of each stone and take your views into consideration to arrive at a preference ranking and desired price.  This information is then used to secure the best deal possible.  

We believe this is a win-win proposition for our clients for the following reasons:

  • Instead of just proposing items from our inventory, we prefer not to carry stock and provide you with access to the global supply chain so you get the best choices and best prices.

  • We provide more options than auction houses as typically, a piece needs to be blocked for 6 months to be sold at auction, so fast-selling choice items are not usually in auctions.

  • Transacted prices are completely open to the buyer and invoiced in the buyer’s name.

  • We charge a simple 5% advisory fee for the transaction. 


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