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What if I don’t like the selection you sourced?

Typically we will get a brief and budget and narrow down all the factors before we source for stones. Before we commit anything we would show you 2 options at least and guide you to make an informed choice. If none of the filtered selection suits you, we will ask questions to understand what else we left out or need to do before we source again. If it is a change of brief, we would hope the client be frank and honest and notify early before a selection is made.

How do you select stones?

Based on the brief, we will start a search. We first identify the few best suited suppliers and start our search. After that it’s a filtration process which usually takes up to 5 days becayse we filter many many stones and contact suppliers to get best before we revert to the client. typically we look at 50-70 stones before narrowing down to 2 options for our clients to choose. This means, by the time it gets to you, those 2 options would have been the best handpicked ones at the best price.

Can we get the price down after we select the stone?

We will always do our QC before we hand the item over to our clients so if there are problems raised we will investigate and understand what the problem and see how best to fix it. If it is a workmanship issue we take full responsibility but if it’s a change of brief we will have to charge according to the changes needed to be made.

What if we missed our clients deadline?

Typically the prices would have been negotiated with the supplier before we even present to the client hence there wouldn’t be any margins left to discount. As we represent our client, we would try our best to get any further discount possible but with no guarantees.

What happens after we decide on the stone and the price?

We require a minimum of 50% deposit to secure the stone before we proceed to the next stage. An OR will be issued and the balance to be paid after completion of the item. 

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