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How long does it take to custom make a piece 

4 - 6 weeks depending on the type of stone, setting market situation. From sourcing to finished product. 

Will I be involved in the custom-making stage?

We try to update our clients at every stage possible because the whole process is like a journey and we encourage as much involvement from our clients possible. 

What if I’m not happy with the finished product? 

We will always do our QC before we hand the item over to our clients so if there are problems raised we will investigate and understand what the problem and see how best to fix it. If it is a workmanship issue we take full responsibility but if it’s a change of brief we will have to charge according to the changes needed to be made.

What if we missed our clients deadline?

We typically will set a deadline for items to be finished and should there be problems that rises along the way we will inform and notify client to get an extension or find a reasonable solution. No refund will be offered unless it is a problem on our end. **

Can you design the jewel for me?

We are not jewelry designers per se but we can give advise, suggestions and opinions for designs suited to your stone, your lifestyle, your budget and your liking 

Can I get my own jewelry designer to design and you make it for me?
Yes that’s possible, so long as the design realistic and possible to make we can do it. Alternatively we might work closely with your designer make adjustments if necessary so we can achieve the piece together 

Do I need to pay a deposit before starting the custom work?

​​Yes, a 50% deposit is required before any job starts, the balance to be paid up upon receipt of item.

Where is the factory?

We have a network of bench jewelers so depending on the type or item, we will commission the best suited factory / bench jeweler to take on the job because different bench jeweler has different skill sets.

Am I allowed to change my mind or the brief upon starting the job.

Depending on the stage we are at, it is advisable not to change the brief or an extra fee will be charged for the materials wasted and time needed to redo drawings, casting etc…

What are the 4 stages of custom making a piece?

It starts with a direction and brief which is then materialized through CADCAM Drawing, Model Maker (Handmade or 3D printing), Gold Casting, Diamond Setting, Polishing and Finish.

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