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Lost or Misplaced?

How do you manage when something valuable or dear is lost or in a more positive tone; misplaced? Do you mourn, feel sad, feel hopeful, lose sleep, replace very quickly, push it to the back of your mind, start rummaging the house, start accusing everyone? #realstories

Have you ever lost anything valuable in your life? What is it and how did you cope?

For me, i have never or rather rarely lost anything in my life... i consider myself a hoarder or someone who takes good care of my items and keep stuff even from 20 years ago. I still have my pair of jeans i wore when i was 23. So imagine my feelings when i discovered i had lost my 2.8ct Emerald Cut diamond ring. Its been almost a month but the nagging feeling of lost, distraught and confusion still haunts me and i dont think I'll ever be the same again. #realsharing

Moving forward, after consoling myself with 1000 reasons is to face the pain and learn from the incident. I was debating to never ever post a single picture of an Emerald Cut diamond again so as not to remind myself i once had it. I also make it a conscious effort to focus on the present and be aware of every action. Do you sometimes feel you are rushing through errands that you aren't really aware of what you may be doing and that is the most common reason for losing or misplacing something. I once found a DHL courier package in my fridge compartment because it was shoved in together with a bag of oranges. You know what im trying to get at #realstories

Are you the kind who gets spurned by past incidences and refuse to wear jewellery after losing a piece? I know friends who do not wear jewellery anymore because of this and some who rather not wear any so they never have to encounter such lost. I contemplated doing the same but told myself, nah not feasible. What will i do with all the 10 fingers especially after they've been manicured! #realhands

So a few tips regarding jewellery handling and safekeeping:

a. Safebox

- safebox at home is the best for items you intend to wear and change about,

- safebox in a bank for ALL items and collectibles which you don't really wear on daily basis

b. Box / Compartment at home in a secret place for daily wear items which you best keep to 5pcs maximum - Ring(s) Necklace, Bracelet

c. NEVER remove any piece of jewellery under any circumstances:

- in the plane, car, train, bus

- in the kitchen when you need to cut, cook etc

- in toilets (home or public)

- in the hair salon, nail salon

- when you need to apply hand lotion (just clean it afterwards with dishwashing liquid and water to remove grease on diamond)

d. ALWAYS be aware and conscious of your actions so you dont just slip by doing something and not remember later

So how does my Emerald Cut diamond ring look like?

It was a 2.8ct EVS1 and was perfectly cut with no bow ties, had the perfect ratio and depth every Emerald Cut diamond should have. Needless to say, this was our Carat Club standards when sourcing for Emerald Cut diamonds be it mine or for anyone.

Bow tie - happens when a diamond is cut too deep or too shallow causing a 'bow-tie' or 'dark wings effect on the diamond.

Emerald Cut Ratios - referring to 'length to width' of the diamond making it look more squarish, rectangular or longish. Some people say its personal preference whilst some prefer to follow the standard marking of what is deemed good or excellent.

Depth - refers to how thick the diamond is or rather the height of the diamond. I once walked into a store and they stocked many Emerald Cut diamonds that were too shallow in our opinion. They said it made their diamonds look bigger and more value for money. True of course but no one wants a big looking diamond that is flat like a piece of glass. Your thoughts on this? #realsharing

Emerald Cuts are to me, the epitome of subtle glamour and elegance. Set as solitaire rings, trinity rings, eternity bands, bracelets, you name it ... it simply works. Will i get a replacement ring? Maybe, maybe not. I still harbor hopes of me 'misplacing' the ring rather than 'lost for good'. They say when you think positive, good things will happen and miraculously my ring will appear when im least expecting it to.

For now, lets just feast our eyes on some beautiful Emerald Cut diamonds we recently sourced for a client which we are slowly building into a whole Jewellery set ; eternity band, tennis bracelet constructed out of 1ct diamonds, pair of earrings and a pendant.

Oh and while we are on this, I would take the opportunity to stress an important point about Emerald Cuts. Contrary to some popular claims, they do not hide warmth well (warmth = yellowish) given its larger facets which displays more body color (even inclusions and flaws)

At The Carat Club, we strongly encourage to choose colors above H grade and clarity grades VS1, VVS2 and above.

"Life is too short for bad diamonds" #realsharing

1.7ct vs 2.8ct
See its large facets which reveal all

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