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Colored Diamonds ...

Of the many colored diamonds out there, Pink Diamonds are perhaps one of the rarest and most valuable diamonds in the world. Only a small fraction of the world's diamonds are pink and very few are considered jewelry-grade diamonds. What makes the color pink?

A very rare and unique formation process which involved high pressure and heat and caused by a presence of a rare and specific type of crystal lattice defect causes the diamond to look pink. Some sources suggest it is a form of light mutation during the crystal formation process. Hence pink diamonds are never found in an overly huge size.

Having said that, the most famous pink diamond in the world must be the Pink Star weighing at 59.60ct is the largest Internally Flawless pink diamond ever discovered. It was said to be polished and cut over 2 years and was successfully sold at auction for a record breaking $71million in just 5 minutes into bidding.

(Pic Source: NBC News)

Pink Diamonds are highly prized by collectors and investors. Prices of Pinks have been steadily increasing over the years and is predicted to continue as supply remains rare and scarce whilst demand remains high.

Below is a Pear shaped beauty graded as Fancy Intense Pink .... at just 1.07ct, it is priced at USD428,000.00 #real #realphotography #realpictures #realinfo #realdiamonds

Set in full pave diamonds around the main stone and on the band with EF VS+ Ideal cut white diamonds to accentuate the Intense Pink Color.

Unlike Pink Sapphires which has a brighter and stronger hue, Pink Diamonds appear as sweet, light and clear color.

Pink Diamonds come in the following grades

- Fancy Vivid

- Fancy Intense (as pic seen on left)

- Fancy

- Fancy Light

Pink diamonds can sometimes be found mixed with other colors and graded as

Fancy Brownish Pink

Fancy Purplish Pink

Fancy Orangey Pink

Pure Pinks remain to command a higher price given its 'pure' color. Having said that, mixed pink colors do fetch a good price too especially when the diamond is cut well, has a nice color and shape.

Follow my blog for more info regarding colored diamonds .... Up next, Yellows!

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